Our Story

At O’Connor Brewing Co. we are all about having fun, building a strong community, and hand-crafting unique, innovative products—in other words, brewing great beer.

20 years ago Kevin O’Connor wrote his final college paper on starting his own brewery, and on St. Patrick’s Day 2010 O’Connor Brewing Co. brewed its first batch, becoming one of Coastal Virginia’s very first craft breweries. What started from humble beginnings in a small garage warehouse has expanded to become a World Beer Cup Award winning brand, with 40 employees, dozens of styles, and a growing legion of fans who choose O’Connor beer for its quality and consistency. 

O’Connor beer drinkers come from all walks of life, but what brings them together is a love of the small, simple joys in life. The pleasure of being outdoors, relaxing on the beach with friends, having dinner with family after a day of hard work, and of course, enjoying a fresh, flavorful beer. They appreciate the O’Connor brand for its approachability and authenticity. They value its independent spirit, that it remains family owned and operated, and its support of the local community. And their loyalty has established it as a mainstay brand with sustained success. With El Guapo Agave IPA leading the way as the #1 Virginia craft brand in the state, O’Connor Brewing is well on its way to becoming Virginia’s leading, independent craft brewery. And as distribution continues to expand up and down the East Coast, O’Connor Brewing Co. moves further along its path to becoming a major mid-Atlantic regional brand, as well as one of the best craft breweries in America.