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Zephyrweisse Debut at OBC!

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Zephyrweisse Debut at OBC!


As the warm winds approach, we have Zephyrus to thank. And just in time, we bring you the most refreshing “Zephyrweisse,” as an ode to the god of the west winds and bringer of refreshing weather.

Adhering to tradition we wanted a light, refreshing beverage, as golden as the rays of the sun.

Chloris, the goddess of spring and new beginnings, was given the domain of the flowers by Zephyrus. Together they created a beautiful young man named Karpos, which translates to fruit.

Tying all of these elements together, we have artfully crafted this brew to highlight bright fruit flavors, and a light refreshing body. With notes of white peaches and banana on the nose, and the spicy character of clove on the palate, this beer will quench your thirst on one of the many warm days to come.

Join us for the debut of Zephyrweisse this Friday, May 22, from 4-9pm. This beer contains 4% Alc. by Vol. and 18 IBUs, and it will only be available on draught. Click here for the Facebook event page.


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