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The Return of S-Turns – Friday, April 24th

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The Return of S-Turns – Friday, April 24th

April 17th, 2015 marks the 2nd return of our beloved S-Turns (or “sturns” as pronounced by some of our customers).   We would never correct a customer of a mispronunciation – that would be rude.  In fact, many of us here at OBC have embraced “sturns” as this beer’s official nickname and we kinda love it.  For those of us who know the correct pronunciation, “S” followed by “Turns”, then you most likely also know the local reference – a well-known (dare-we-say world-renowned) surf spot on the Outer Banks enjoyed by all who visit there.  S-Turns beach is clean and beautiful, uncrowded most days, and the waves are world-class during a good swell.  We wanted to honor this local spot by using it’s name in the first of our Endless Saison series.   Drinking S-Turns Summer Honey Saison will keep you wanting more, just like S-Turns itself.

S-Turns is a classic Saison brewed with pilsner and wheat malts with the addition of chamomile, candied ginger, and a generous amount of honey. Fruit esters and a slight spicy character on the nose are followed by a pronounced malt and honey profile on the pallet with just enough Galaxy hops to add balance. As the name suggests, this beer will take you through twists and turns of flavor and enjoyment.

Click here to RSVP to the S-Turns Release on Friday, April 24th

(We had originally planned the S-Turns release on the 17th but found out a few days ago that this baby needed another week to reach optimal deliciousness – sorry for speaking to soon!)

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