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Cinco de Maibock Release

It’s that time of year again! As we step out of hibernation and into spring, we also bring a special beer out of its own kind of hibernation, lagering, where it has had time to develop and mature.

“Cinco de Maibock” is our interpretation of a traditional German lager with a twist. Brewed using German malts and hops, our spin comes from south of the border. In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, a hefty dose of agave nectar is added to spice things up a bit. 

Maibock, or Frühlingsstarkbier (spring strong beer) is just that, beer brewed for May. Traditionally brewed just before winter sets in, it is to be released in spring as a celebration of making it through the harsh winters of Bavaria. After the winter we just had, we saw it fit to brew something for the occasion. Thus, Maibock.

Like the lusty month of May, Maibock is a transitional brew that will entice you with its warming kiss. So come celebrate spring with us, and enjoy (responsibly) a “Cinco de Maibock” or two.


Bob Sweeney

Click here to visit the FB event page for the Bottle Release of Cinco de Maibock.


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