Our Flagships

The tried-and-true favorites that put OBC on the map. These beers are offered year-round.

Offshore Seasonal Series

The Offshore Series represents our limited seasonal offerings. These will tend to be higher in alcohol content; brewed in limited quantities, and are perfectly suited for the craft beer aficionado.

Endless Saison Series

O’Connor’s Endless Saison Series is a seasonal series that was inspired by famous surf spots around the globe. The flavors and ingredients of each saison were also inspired by the local communities where these well-known surf breaks are situated. As with all of our beers, we use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients when brewing our saisons. We proudly donate a portion of the proceeds to the Surfrider Foundation Virginia Beach Chapter.

Steel Battalion Series

The Steel Battalion Series began as a pilot series and has evolved into our 22oz bomber series. It shares the moniker of our Fermentation Cellar -- a reference to our hometown of Norfolk, VA, home of the world’s largest naval station.