Our Flagships

The tried-and-true favorites that put OBC on the map. These beers are offered year-round.

Offshore Seasonal Series

The Offshore Series represents our limited seasonal offerings. These will tend to be higher in alcohol content; brewed in limited quantities, and are perfectly suited for the craft beer aficionado.

Endless Saison Series

O’Connor’s Endless Saison Series is a seasonal series that was inspired by famous surf spots around the globe. The flavors and ingredients of each saison were also inspired by the local communities where these well-known surf breaks are situated. As with all of our beers, we use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients when brewing our saisons. We proudly donate a portion of the proceeds to the Surfrider Foundation Virginia Beach Chapter.

Ibrik Series

Ibrik is an Imperial stour named for the special pots used in the production of Turkish coffee. The beer brings together light roasted coffee with dark roasted malts to create a beer with a complex, malty palate.